Through-hole sound absorption plate

Wide-band sound absorption board

Model number   :    


Base Material   :
MGP non-combustible environmental protection board 

Finish   : 

Eco-friendly paint

Scope of application   :
Multi-purpose hall, exhibition hall, public place 

    Color selection     :  

Main features    :     Five mixed holes with different pore sizes are arranged in disorder to form an abstract form of bubbles, which not only
                                   provides creative space for aesthetic designers, but also the sound absorption coefficient is the advantage of CK-5.CK-5 

                                   adopts up to five through-hole designs with different aperture to obtain advantageous wide-band sound absorption
                                   performance from acoustic design principle. 

   Common Specifications     :      L300*W600*D6/8mm,L600*W600/1200*D6/8mm 

   Installation method     :    

   Sound absorption coefficient     :