Engineering Sound Isolator

38 decibels (±2)sound insulation

Applicable to : Star hotel, real estate support, office, conference room

Product model   :   G55J

    Color selection   :  

Product Features   : 55mm thick carbon plastic composite soundproof door page
Graphene thermal expansion smoke barrier strip
beveled magnetic soundproof strip
Flame Retardant Acoustic Door Core
automatic sound brake
(door locks, hinges, door closers, cat eyes, safety buckle user provided) 

Environmental protection level     :  Compliance with international E0 environmental standards (zero emissions) 

Finishing material     :    Paint-free wood skin 

Standard Specifications    :    

≤H2350 * W950 * D250mm (customized, suitable for door size +10mm)

Product weight    :    Gross weight ≤157Kg(Net weight ≤75Kg/Net weight ≤54Kg) 

Sound insulation indicators    :   STC38dB(±2) 

    Sound insulation    :   

The sound insulation parameters of the product are the test results of the laboratory method, and unstandardized installation or spatial structure will affect the performance of the product.

   Customized instructions:

Engineering soundproof door reference user specifications, color finishes, appearance modeling customization.
The sound insulation volume of double door will be affected, and the identification sound insulation performance is not reference.
Door closers and door locks are installed as needed.
The production cycle depends on the number of batches and the current schedule.

    Air sound insulation :  


Silent Sound Insulation Solution System
The sound insulation performance of new technology and new materials obtained excellent computer calculation data, and the physical sound insulation effectiveness of door body is highly consistent with laboratory tests. With thermo-magnetic adsorption damping sealing strip, air insulation volume is added, and the impact sound of door page is effectively reduced when opening and closing.

Anti-smoke and anti-smoke technology
Life is particularly critical moment, 30 minutes flame-retardant door core, thermal expansion smoke barrier seal, to ensure space safety, to leave time for life.