Commercial Sound Isolator

40 decibels (±2)sound insulation

Applicable to : Recording studio, drum room, private cinema

Product model   :   G50S

    Color selection   :  

Product Features : 60mm thick professional carbon-plastic composite soundproof door page
Double-order large D silicone soundproof door frame
Graphene thermal expansion smoke barrier strip
Stainless Steel Coated Doors
Servo telescopic carbon plastic door frame
Flame Retardant Acoustic Door Core
double-toothed door leaf
fixed sound brake
airtight lock 

Environmental protection level     :   Compliance with international E0 environmental standards (zero emissions) 

Finishing material     :    Plain water paint / Korean PP anti-fouling anti-scratch finish 

Standard Specifications    :    

Door frame size H2200*W900*D180/448mm(for door hole size +10mm)
Door Size H2141 * W826 * 50mm

Product weight    :    Gross weight ≤151Kg(Net weight ≤68Kg/Net weight ≤55Kg)

Sound insulation indicators    :   STC40dB(±2) 

    Sound insulation    :

The sound insulation parameters of the product are the test results of the laboratory method, and unstandardized installation or spatial structure will affect the performance of the product.

     Air sound insulation :  


Airtight lock
The frame is the core part of the glottis structure, good frame structure is the foundation of sound insulation efficiency guarantee, airtight lock is an effective part to enhance the airtightness of the glottis. Soundbox, regardless of cost, recognizes the choice of the world's best soundproof door industry brands, and adopts air-tight soundproof locks.

Fixed sound brake
Ultra-thin threshold type fixed sound brake, double airtight tape to block the door leakage, effectively improve the sound insulation of the door air, stainless steel coated threshold design anti-wear and easy to clean.