Civilian Sound Isolator

39 decibels (±2)sound insulation

Applicable to : Private Cinema, HiFi Sound Room, Piano Room

Product model   :   G50MX

   Color selection   :  

Product Features  :  50mm thick carbon plastic composite soundproof door page
Graphene thermal expansion smoke barrier strip
Stainless Steel Coated Doors
beveled magnetic soundproof strip
Servo telescopic door frame
Flame Retardant Acoustic Door Core
Three-dimensional invisible hinge
Silent door lock 

Environmental protection level    :   Compliance with international E0 environmental standards (zero emissions) 

Finishing material    :    plain water paint

Standard Specifications    :   

    Door frame size H2200*W900*D120/245mm(for door hole size +10mm)

    Door Size H2165 * W842 * D50mm

Product weight    :    Gross weight ≤106Kg (door net weight ≤58Kg / door frame net weight ≤20Kg) 

Sound insulation indicators   :   STC38dB(±2)

Sound insulation   :

    The sound insulation parameters of the product are laboratory test results, and unstandardized installation or spatial structure sound      
    transmission will affect the performance of the product.

   Air sound insulation   :  


Silent sound insulation technology
The sound insulation performance of new technology and new materials obtained excellent computer calculation data, and the physical sound insulation effectiveness of door body is highly consistent with laboratory tests.With thermo-magnetic adsorption damping sealing strip, air insulation volume is added, and the impact sound of door page is effectively reduced when opening and closing.

Thin-body door technology
Acoustic waves are produced by vibrating waves, effective gate amplitude vibration frequency constraints, which is an important scientific and technological means for thin-body glottic barrier performance index.
Soundbox engineers compared more than a dozen experimental data of scientific and technological solutions, no doubt multi-layer unequal material unequal thickness unequal density, through damping composite advantages of sound insulation became Soundbox thin body door.