Through-hole sound absorption plate

Matrix sound absorption plate 

Model number  :   CK-2 (3-10mm gradation hole) 

Main features  :
Matrix sound absorption plate is controlled by calculating its through-hole warp, because the gradual change type is used.
Different aperture design makes the product have good sound absorption effect in high and low frequency full frequency band. 

Environmental performance  :
The products are inspected in full compliance with the national environmental protection and fire protection norms. 

Scope of application   :
Multi-purpose hall, exhibition hall, office space, sports hall, public space 

    Color selection     :  

Base material description    :    MGP non-combustible environmental protection board (8mm) 

Finishing      :     Plain board (no sound absorption cloth) / Eco-friendly paint

   Specifications    :    W600mm*L600mm/1200mm*D8mm

    Sound absorption coefficient chart   :    

   Project case   :