Through-hole sound absorption plate

Hack sound absorption board 

Model number  :   CK-1 (5mm digital hole) 

Main features   :
The circular hole structure of the through-hole sound absorption plate is the principle of scientific computational acoustics.It has excellent noise absorption performance, especially good for medium and low frequency sound absorption.

Environmental performance  : 
The products are inspected in full compliance with the national environmental protection and fire protection norms.

Scope of application   :
Public spaces such as gymnasium, multi-purpose hall, conference room, teaching room, instrumental music room, and training room.

    Color selection     :  

Base material description    :    MGP non-combustible environmental protection board

Finishing      :     Plain board (without sound absorption cloth 8mm) / Eco-friendly paint

   Specifications    :    L300/600*W600*D6mm 600*600/1200*D8mm

     Sound absorption coefficient chart   :