Through-hole sound absorption plate

Carbon plastic slotted sound absorption plate 

Model number :
22/3     23/2   24/1 

Base material  :
Carbon plastic plate (E1 zero emission / waterproof / flame retardant)

Finishing   :
Thermal film veneer / color PU paint

Scope of application   :
Healthcare, Dining, Public Places, Sports Venues, Entertainment Spaces, Private Cinema

    Color selection     :  

Brief overview    :  

"Carbon plastic groove hole sound absorption board" a unique waterproof sound absorption board

Carbon plastic modified material, excellent anti-water, antibacterial, salt, corrosion, zero emission, combustion resistance.The damping coefficient of carbon plastic material increased by 0.85, which is an important parameter to suppress the resonant frequency of sound absorption plate.This innovative acoustic simulation design has been demonstrated by the laboratory by the unique transverse through-hole structure, connecting the plate groove from the plate and adding a composite air constraint layer.

Invisible patchwork assembly plate design, ultrasonic gluing wear-resistant and antibacterial finish, technically eliminating harmful emissions of adhesive finish chemicals and the risk of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage.No need to wait for installation and use, is the home, hotel, private shadow, piano room and other small space sound environment transformation of the advantage choice.Superior waterproof, environmental protection, antibacterial characteristics, suitable for medical hygiene, catering and other high clean environment sound absorption and noise reduction.

Main features     :     The through-hole combined groove structure of slotted sound absorption plate is a scientific computational acoustic 

                                    principle.Excellent noise absorption performance, especially for medium and low frequency sound absorption 

    Common Specifications    :   L3000*W150*D12/15mm 

     Sound absorption coefficient chart   :