Through-hole sound absorption plate

Solid wood slotted sound absorption plate 

Model number :
124-4 / 60-4 / 30-2 / 29-3 / 14-2 / 9-2 / 6-2 

Environmental performance :
Products tested in full compliance with national environmental protection E0 standards

Main features :
The sound absorption effect of this series is good, and the reverberation time is significantly improved.Acoustic characteristics meet the national similar material standards, effectively improve the environmental sound quality saturation, clarity and stereoscopic feeling

Scope of application   :
Home theater, concert hall, HIFI audition room, recording room and other high-end places interior wall decoration, as well as improve sound quality, improve speech clarity

    Color selection     :   

Base material description   :   rubber solid wood 

Finishing     :     Log/Mahogany/Walnut Color 

    Common Specifications    :    L2440 x W132 x D16mm 

     Sound absorption coefficient   :