Acoustic diffusion plate

Energy Acoustic Reflector

Name   :   Energy Acoustic Reflectors 

Model Number    :   SR18 / SR18+ / SR25 / SR25+ 

Base material   :
Class B1 flame retardant 18mm high density plate / Class B1 flame retardant 25mm high density plate 

Fire rating   :   Class A / Class B 

Environmental performance  :
The products are inspected in full compliance with the national environmental protection E1 standard, moisture-proof and mold-proof treatment.

Finishing   :
Wood PU Paint / Solid Color PU Paint (+)

Scope of application   :
Stage background walls and side reflectors for concert halls, theatres and concert halls

Product model    :    SR18 / SR18+ / SR25 / SR25+

    Color selection    :   

Main features    :    Reflectors are mainly used in the entrance and sides of the hall, the purpose is to diffuse the sound reflection into the
                                  audience, avoid the sound dyeing sound focus and standing wave sound field problems, so that the sound quality is more
                                  delicate and accurate. 

Common Specifications    :   W600*L1200≤1200*2400,D18/25mm 

    Sound absorption coefficient chart  

     Installation Instructions    :