Acoustic diffusion plate

AQ Acoustic Diffusion Board

Name   :   Vertical diffusion plate 

Model Number    :   AQ4000 

Environmental performance  :
Comply with international requirements E0 standard 

Main features  :
Anti-reflective acoustic resonance design patent, anti-oxidation treatment, metal frame patent structure, front MLS cloud diffusion surface, HIPS forming MLS cloud diffusion surface light weight.The back is made of eco-friendly acoustic composite cotton with unequal specific density. 

Acoustic features   :
Active acoustic barrier easily controls churches, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, etc. to absorb the ineffective sound energy of the back wall of the stage.Controlling environmental acoustic defects such as reverberation time, vibrational echo, parallel reflection sound and low and medium frequency standing waves.The active stage semi-enclosed diffusion anti-sound wall is easily constructed, and the directional reflection diffuses the sound energy once.

Weight   :   60kg/group

    Color selection    :   

Finishing     :     Sound absorption surface is flocking flame retardant acoustic cloth, diffusion surface PU matte paint
                           (reference color card)

Standard Specifications   :   H3500xW800xD800mm 

    Sound absorption coefficient