Acoustic diffusion plate

AQ Acoustic Diffusion Board

Name   :   Moving Reflector Board 

Model Number    :   AQ3500 

Environmental performance  :   E0 Environmental Standards 

Main features :
Mobile lifting structure, folding, adjustable tail plate angle, convenient mobile storage.Standard mobile pulley device, with hand lift function can be adjusted according to the needs of the height, honeycomb core material light weight, environmental protection non-emission treatment, easy to build active stage semi-enclosed anti-sound wall. 

Scope of application  :
Stage reverberation combination, medium and high frequency directional reverberation 

    Color selection    :   

Base material description     :   honeycomb composite plate 

    Finishing    :    Korean original PP finish / PU matte paint / Wooden leather paint (reference color card)

Product Specifications    :     L2440xW100xD27mm 

    Weight    :   12kg/m²

    Common Specifications    :   H3500xW1500xD800mm 12kg/m²


   Sound absorption coefficient