Acoustic diffusion plate

QRD Acoustic Diffusion Board

Name   :   Ecological wood diffusion unit 

Model Number    :   D8S

Environmental performance  :
Products tested in full compliance with national environmental standards 

Main features :
This series of products have good diffusion effect, improve the reverberation time significant acoustic characteristics to meet the national similar material standards, effectively improve the environmental sound quality saturation, clarity and stereoscopic feeling 

Scope of application  :
Multifunctional conference halls, churches and other high-end venues wall installation, and improve sound quality to improve speech clarity 

    Color selection    :   

Base material description     :   Eco-friendly wood 

    Finishing    :   Log/Mahogany/Walnut Color 

Product Specifications    :   L2440xW100xD27mm 

   Structure  :  

   Sound absorption coefficient