Acoustic diffusion plate

QRD Acoustic Diffusion Board

Name   :   log diffusion unit

Model Number    :   D8

Environmental performance  :
Products tested in full compliance with national environmental protection and fire protection norms

Main features   :
The diffusion effect of this series is good, and the reverberation time is significantly improved.Acoustic characteristics meet the national similar material standards, effectively improve the environmental sound quality saturation, clarity and stereoscopic feeling

Scope of application   :
Concert hall, listening room wall, recording studio, church, lecture hall

diffusion principle
The QRD diffuser is made up of a series of parallel algal wells with column-varying depths, and when sound waves are incident from 135° to a horizontally placed QRD, it can reflect sound at equal intensity between 30° and 150°.

    Color selection    :   

Base material description     :    imported beech 

    Finishing    :   Log color, mahogany color, walnut color 

Common Specifications    :   L2440xW100xD27mm 

   Structure  :  

   Sound absorption coefficient