Acoustic diffusion plate

Variable sound absorption diffusion unit 

Model Number   :   DIY300A 

Environmental performance     :   

Products tested in full compliance with national environmental standards

Main features   :   

The adjustable combination sound absorption diffuser is composed of solid wood diffuser and sound absorption soft wrap, which can adjust the reverberation time according to the use function.Effectively improve ambient sound saturation, clarity and stereoscopic feeling

Scope of application   :
Multi-function hall, conference hall, auditorium, small theater, recording studio and other wall sound absorption diffusion combination

Variable reverberation design to meet multiple functional needs
Depending on the purpose of the room, adjust the reverberation time of the room to achieve a comfortable listening effect.Adjustable reverberation design in a medium-sized theater, performance and conference mode are important, when a room needs more than two acoustic uses, controlled sound absorption device can achieve the purpose.This is the most cost-effective and effective acoustic measure.Using the appropriate amount, the reverberation time in the room can be adjusted by 0.3 to 0.5 seconds.

    Color selection    :   

Base material description     :    Anti-resonance alloy material 

    Finishing    :   Hot coated wood color / spray plain color 

Common Specifications    :   L1200/2400/3000xW300xD100mm

   Structure  :  

   Sound absorption coefficient