Acoustic diffusion plate

Combined diffusion unit 

Model Number   :   MLS800 

Main features     :   

The diffuser is calculated to improve the sound field diffusion performance.The main purpose is to obtain the diffused sound field, which can be diffused when the wavelength of sound waves is similar to or smaller than the diffuser.At the same time, the phenomenon such as vibrating echo can be avoided, and a good diffusion sound field and a clean sound can be obtained.Effectively improve ambient sound saturation, clarity and stereoscopic feeling

Scope of application   :   

Concert halls, large theater walls and improved sound quality to increase sound saturation

The MLS800 diffuser, compared with the traditional MLS sound diffusion wall, is made from the basic material, which breaks the traditional practice of MLS diffuser directly spliced by many regular formed MLS sound diffusion.Therefore, the MLS special-shaped sound diffusion wall has beautiful structure, takes up little space, and effectively improves the flexibility of wall layout, which can not only achieve the purpose of architectural beauty, but also meet the requirements of architectural acoustics.In addition, the technology has the characteristics of easy operation, simple process, easy control of engineering quality and duration, and saving construction investment costs.

    Color selection    :   

Base material description     :    B1 grade HDF flame retardant substrate 

    Finishing    :   Wooden leather PU paint 

Common Specifications    :   H1200/2400×W3100×D175mm Can be customized according to acoustic diffusion frequency

    Sound absorption coefficient