Acoustic Softpack

Alien Environmental Acoustic Soft Pack

Model Number   :   CQ30E/CQ60E 

Fire rating    :   

Class A non-combustible acoustic substrate, acoustic cloth can be processed B/C flame retardant

Product Features   :   

Easy to install patented solutions, zero formaldehyde environmental cotton in line with international standards of E0 environmental protection.Completely different from traditional resin-cured soft wrap bezel
Large error, odor discharge and deformation of damp mold.

Scope of application :

Public spaces such as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, restaurants, cafes, etc.

    Base material    :   80kg/m ³ white environmentally friendly high density glass fiberboard 

Material of frame    :   Adopt environmental protection flame retardant curing stereotype 

    Finishing    :    A/B/C Acoustic cloth selection / Imagine spray painting can be made

Processing Specifications   :   Outside diameter ≤1200x2400mm / ≤1200mm

                                                     Thickness 30 / 60mm 

    Sound absorption coefficient