Acoustic Softpack

Heteromorphic acoustic barrier

Model Number : MT30R / MT60R

Fire rating    :   

Class A non-combustible acoustic substrate, acoustic cloth can be processed B/C flame retardant

Product Features   :   

Easy to install patented solutions, zero formaldehyde environmental cotton in line with international standards of E0 environmental protection.Completely different from the traditional resin curing soft package frame error, odor discharge and moisture mold deformation problems.

Scope of application :

Public space, business space, sports space, bar dining bar

    Base material    :   White inorganic fiber acoustic cotton (zero formaldehyde) 

Color selection  :   

Material of frame    :   Adopt environmental protection flame retardant curing stereotype 

    Finishing     :    A/B/C Acoustic cloth selection / Imagine spray painting can be made

Processing Specifications    :   Ф600/900/1200mm

                                                      Thickness 30 / 60mm

    Sound absorption coefficient 

    Installation method   :