Acoustic Softpack

Seiko Acoustic Soft Pack

Model Number   :  

 CM28E/30E/60E/120E (right angle) CM28ET/30ET/60ET/120ET (chamfering) 

Fire rating    :   

Acoustic substrate and frame structure are class A non-combustible, acoustic cloth can be processed B/C flame retardant

Product Features   :   

Easy to install patented solutions, zero formaldehyde environmental cotton in line with international standards of E0 environmental protection.Completely solve the problems of non-standard, non-environmental protection, non-flame retardant and damp mold deformation of traditional resin curing soft wrap frame.Effectively change the traditional sound absorption soft package due to resin curing frame and sacrifice more than 10% sound absorption defects.

Valid Specifications :
Single width ≥200*200mm,≤1200*2400mm Thickness28/30/60/120mm 

Scope of application :

Conference room, office, classroom, cinema, piano studio, recording studio, reading room, gym and other small space or enclosed space use

   Base material    :   Custom inorganic fiber acoustic cotton (white fiber)

   Border   :   Lightweight and high strength metal forming frame

   Finishing : A/B/C Class Acoustic Cloth Selection

   Sound absorption coefficient