Acoustic Softpack

Sound absorption block

Model Number   :   MD48-300/600/1200  

suspension position   :   Attach to ceiling or wall 

Dosage   :   Ceiling area ~60%  

Fire resistance :
Non-combustible Class A 

Installation accessories :
Thimble needle 

Scope of application :

Bar, restaurant, equipment room and other places to reduce noise

   non-combustible acoustic finish   : 


beige color


Weight    :    1.5kg/m² 

Common Specifications   :   W300*L1200*D50mm / L600*W600*D50mm / W600*L1200*50mm 

    Installation method   :   

    Structure   :   Built-in custom wide band white environmental sound absorption cotton, non-glue heat composite closed sound absorption felt, 

                            surface composite flameproof waterproof sound absorption cloth.

   Sound absorption coefficient