Acoustic barrier

Matrix acoustic barrier 

Model Number   :   MA30 / 50 

Dosage   :   Reference acoustic design

Installation method   :   horizontal 

Base material :
White inorganic fiber acoustic cotton (zero formaldehyde) 

Finishing  :
white non-combustible acoustic fiberglass cloth 

Weight   :   3.75kg/㎡ /  7kg/㎡

Scope of application   :
Classroom, multi-purpose hall, office space, commercial space

   non-combustible acoustic finish   : 

Material characteristics     :    MA series adopts soundbox custom inorganic microporous fiber composite acoustic cotton, custom acoustic 

                                                    cotton is different from traditional insulation cotton, semi-rigid fiber, long fine fiber 35-40mm/5.5-6.0μm

                                                    (insulation cotton is usually 15-20mm/7.5-8.5μm short thick flexible and rigid fiber) 

Common Specifications   :    W600 * L1200/1800/2400 * D32/52mm

    Environmental characteristics   :  The environmental protection characteristics of Baililong fiber advantages, particle release ≤0.06mg/m ³

                                                                (national E1 standard value ≤0.15mg/m ³), zero 甲醛maldehyde (TVOC organic compound gas is not detected)

    Acoustic characteristics    :   Inorganic semi-rigid and long-fine fiber custom acoustic cotton, the physical creation of a smooth fine long hole 

                                                      superimposed air layer, forming a strong broadband absorption effect, custom acoustic cotton products up to ≥0.96 

                                                      (equivalent to 1.5 times the insulation cotton). 

   Design characteristics    :     MA30/50 is a horizontal mounting model, unique space sandblasting aluminum metal texture, acoustic cloth surface 

                                                    process, the back of the non-equivalent blocking sound absorption surface, matrix is not only efficient absorption of 

                                                    space sound. 

   Sound absorption coefficient