Acoustic barrier

Array mesh acoustic barrier 

Model Number   :   M50X / 100X 

Dosage   :   Reference acoustic design

Fire resistance   :   Class A

Environmental protection :
The release of ³maldehyde ≤ 0.4mg/L, meet the release of ³maldehyde in indoor decoration materials and artificial panel and cotton products (GB18580-2001) 24 hours of release of glass fiber particles 1.7mg/m ³. 

Scope of application :
Stadium, public space, exhibition space, sports space, entertainment space, bar and dining room, equipment room 

   non-combustible acoustic finish   : 

Weight   :   M50X – 7kg/m² 

                    M100X – 13kg/m² 

Common Specifications   :   W600/800/1200 * L1200/1800/2400 * D50/100mm

   Installation method   :   Horizontal, vertical

   Structure :  Molded alloy frame, built-in custom wide frequency composite sound absorption cotton, non-glue thermal composite closed sound

                        absorption felt, surface composite flameproof waterproof sound absorption cloth, plus anti-impact anti-sinking anti-wind resistance

                        aluminum mesh. 

   Sound absorption coefficient