MLS three-dimensional diffusion

PYRAMID 4Q Pyramid Diffuser

  • PYRAMID4Q pyramid diffuser adopts 1/4 asymmetric reflection orientation design. When the sound waves collide with the smooth PYRAMID4Q pyramid diffuser, the sound energy will be reflected in the same direction.Non-equilateral large volume cavity diaphragm effect absorbs 125-500Hz residual low frequency, effectively improving sound clarity.
  • At the same time, when the sound waves are reflected through the surface of the PYRAMID4Q pyramid diffuser, the sound energy will be dispersed and reflected in different directions and have different phase differences.These irregular reflections of uniform energy create a sense of space in the ear, while increasing the "brightness" of the sound when applied to medium and high frequency diffusion.The reflection direction is square double angle average sound energy diffusion.

Product model     :    PYRAMID 4Q 

Colour    :

Finishing    :   PU Paint\Waterborne Paint\Fleece Spray 

  Material      :    HIPS 

    Indicators      :    0.57/㎡[>100Hz-<5KHz] 

    Environmental protection    :    100% recyclable 

Specifications    :    PEAK2000A H2000 * W800/400 * D250mm

                                  PEAK2000D H2000 * W800/400 * D250mm 

    Weight    :     4kg/piece

   Specifications    :   

     Acoustic data    :