MLS three-dimensional diffusion

WAVE 600 Acoustic Body

Three wave-shaped diffusion surfaces with 20% asymmetric slit wide-frequency absorption function, three low-frequency absorption chambers with unequal volume are built-in.

Product model     :    WAVE 600 

Colour    :

Finishing    :   Hot coated PP touch finish 

    Base material      :    Carbon plastic composite substrate 

    Environmental protection     :    E0 

    Weight    :    H1800≤28Kg, H1500≤23kg, H1200≤19kg, H600≤9.5Kg 

Specifications    :    H1800/1500/1200/600 * W600 * D160mm 

    Scope of application    :     Music hall, multi-purpose hall, private theater, recording studio, HIFI listening room and other high-end indoor space

                                                   sound quality building decoration.

     Acoustic data    :