MLS three-dimensional diffusion

PEAK 5Q Peak Diffuser

PEAK5Q peak diffuser redistributes reflected surface acoustic energy.Although redirection is not fully determined by theoretical value diffusion, the convex shape provides moderate acoustic control performance, effectively preventing excessive harsh harmonics from providing a more uniform sound distribution.180° high efficiency radiation surface to solve acoustic shadow defects that are difficult to cover in sound amplification systems.

Multiple 5Q combinations are placed on the background wall of the amplification system to produce a horizontal diffusion surface that provides the equivalent of 3dB sound energy gain.The 5Q combination EQ tuner board can easily shape the diffuse reflecting surface by the same number of applications, which is ideal for the front wall of the sound reinforcement system with direct sound energy concentration.The 5Q offers efficient acoustic formability and a strong visual impact.

Product model     :    Peak 5Q 

Colour    :

Finishing    :    PU paint / Water-based paint / Fleece spray 

Indicators   :   0.57/㎡ [>100Hz-<5KHz]

    Environmental protection      :    100% recyclable 

    Specifications      :    H600*W600*D153mm 

    Weight    :    8kg/each

Scope of application    :    Acoustic environments such as concert halls, bars, nightclubs, KTVs, and instrumental music practice rooms are built. 

    Acoustic data    :