QRD 2D Diffusion

D60W Low Frequency Trap Diffuser

The D60W solid wood low frequency trap diffuser can not only absorb ultra-low sound energy, but also prevent echo and standing waves from spreading in all directions, while improving the brightness of the sound.Absorption of low frequency range (80Hz-250Hz) as low as 63Hz.

Product model     :    D60W

Colour    :

Finishing    :    Wood Finish / Fully Enclosed Plain Environmental Protection Paint 

Painting     :     E0 Eco-friendly PU Finishing Paint 

    Base material     :    rubber solid wood

    Specifications      :    H1800*W450*D450mm

    Weight    :    ≤32kg 

Use    :    Private cinema, recording studio, HIFI audio studio and other high-end indoor sound quality building decoration. 

    Acoustic data    :