QRD 2D Diffusion

D60 Wideband Diffuser

The D60 solid wood diffuser is a positioning sequence grid calculated strictly according to the formula of QRD theory. Its groove depth and width can produce uniform diffusion reflection in all directions and angles.

Product model     :   D60 

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Wood Finish / Fully Enclosed Plain Environmental Protection Paint 

Painting    :     E0 Eco-friendly PU Finishing Paint 

    Base material     :   rubber solid wood

Frequency       :     491Hz-893Hz (up to 2324Hz)

    Specifications      :    H1800*W600*D100mm

    Weight    :    ≤29.6kg 

Use   :    High-end indoor sound building decoration such as opera house, concert hall, concert hall, private theater, recording studio, and 

               Hi-Fi listening room is used. 

    Acoustic data   :