QRD 2D Diffusion

D80 Flat Diffuser

D80 has a significant diffusion effect, does not improve reverberation time, effectively improves the sound dryness in small space.Effectively improve the ambient sound quality saturation, clarity and three-dimensional feeling.

Product model     :   D80

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Wood Finish / Fully Enclosed Plain Environmental Protection Paint 

Painting    :     E0 Eco-friendly PU Finishing Paint 

    Base material     :   rubber solid wood

Diffusion principle       :   The QRD diffuser consists of a series of parallel algal wells with column-varying depths that reflect sound at equal intensity between 30° and 150° when a sound wave is incident from 135° to a horizontally placed QRD. 

    Specifications      :   H1200/1500/1800*W300*D70mm 

    Weight    :    H1200≤10kg / H1500≤12.6Kg / H1800≤15.1Kg 

Use    :    Music hall, home theater, HIFI audition room, recording room and other high-end places to improve sound quality. 

    Acoustic data   :