QRD 2D Diffusion

N8 diffusers

The N8 solid wood diffuser can not only be used to disperse sound energy, prevent echo and standing waves from spreading in all directions, but also improve the brightness of the sound.

Product model     :  N8

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Wood Finish / Fully Enclosed Plain Environmental Protection Paint 

Painting    :     E0 Eco-friendly PU Finishing Paint 

    Base material     :   rubber solid wood

Frequency      :   (491Hz-983Hz) up to 2324Hz 

    Specifications      :   H600*W600*D100mm 

    Weight    :    ≤11.50Kg 

Use   :   Opera House, concert hall, leisure club, private theater, recording studio, HIFI audio room and other high-end indoor sound 

              quality sound building decoration.

    Acoustic data   :