QRD 2D Diffusion

D30S/D30 Diffuser

D30 solid wood diffuser three-dimensional diffusion of sound energy, prevent echo and standing waves, play the role of all-directional diffusion, effectively can improve the brightness and spatial sense of sound.

Product model     :  D30S/D30

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Wood Finish / Fully Enclosed Plain Environmental Protection Paint 

Painting    :     E0 Eco-friendly PU Finishing Paint 

    Base material     :    rubber solid wood 

Frequency      :    571Hz-1142Hz (up to 5548Hz) 

    Specifications      :   D30S H600*W600*D100mm

                                       D30    H1200/1800*W600*D100mm 

    Weight    :    D30S ≤11.8kg

                          D30   ≤ 23.6/35.4kg 

Use   :  Opera House, concert hall, leisure club, private theater, recording studio, HIFI audio room and other high-end indoor sound 

             quality sound building decoration. 

    Acoustic data   :