AQ Smart Module

Active Acoustic Barrier


  • Active acoustic barrier board can easily control reverberation time, vibrating echo, parallel reflection sound and low frequency standing waves in conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, offices and other environmental sound defects.Fast construction of active sound barrier structures that meet acoustic indicators
  • An acoustic absorber, twice the sound absorption surface, it is a natural acoustic bacchanter, unequal density ultra-fine pore acoustic composite cotton, front and back sound absorption design, with flocking acoustic finish to double the sound absorption.
  • With universal silent wheel, professional acoustic environment can be built and adjusted at any time, to achieve 5 minutes disassembly, flexible vertical design placement, not limited by wall material, easy integration into the environment.

Product model     :    AQ150W 

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Flocking Flame Retardant Acoustic Cloth

Base material    :     Acoustic composite cotton with unequal density ultra-fine glass fiber, environmental protection and no emission treatment. 

    Structure    :    Anti-oxidation treatment, metal frame patent structure, AB full frequency sound absorption on both sides .

Environmental protection     :    Comply with international requirements E0 standard

    Flame Retardant     :   Base material class A 

    Weight    :   15.6 kg 

Specifications   :   H1620*W800*D200mm(H Height Including Footrest)

Use    :    Easily build active sound absorption barriers

Installation   :    AQ150W standard mobile pulley device, frame hidden matrix fixed card slot. 

    Sound absorption coefficient   :