AQ Smart Module

Acoustic Barrier

AQ1000H/HD Active

  • The movable acoustic barrier can easily control the reverberation time, vibrating echo, parallel reflection sound and low frequency standing waves in large indoor spaces such as churches, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, professional acoustics.
  • Quickly set up an open outdoor performance stage reverberation cover.

Product model     :    AQ1000H/HD

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Sound absorption surface is flocking flame retardant acoustic cloth, diffusion surface PU matte paint (reference color card)

Base material    :     Acoustic composite cotton with unequal density ultra-fine glass fiber, environmental protection and no emission treatment. 

    Structure    :    Anti-reflective acoustic resonance design patent, anti-oxidation treatment, metal frame patent structure,

                              A-side full frequency sound absorption, B-side HIPS once formed MLS cloud diffusion surface. 

Environmental protection     :    Comply with international requirements E0 standard

    Flame Retardant     :   Base material class A 

    Weight    :   AQ1000H 28kg / AQ1000HD 15.5kg

Specifications   :   AQ1000H 2100*800*200mm (including diffusion convexity)

                                AQ1000HD 2000*800*100mm (including diffusion convexity)

Use   :   The AQ1000H easily constructs an active stage semi-enclosed sound absorption anti-sound barrier.

              AQ1000HD constructs sound absorption anti-sound barrier on the ceiling of the suspended stage and hall.

Installation   :   AQ1000H standard mobile pulley device, frame hidden matrix fixed card slot.

                           The AQ1000HD is equipped with a lifting preset hole to meet any horizontal and vertical installation plan.

    Sound absorption coefficient   :