AQ Smart Module

Controlled Diffuse Reflection Module


  • Variable lath diffusion and internal absorption design to effectively eliminate vibrational echo and standing waves.
  • It is necessary to adjust the diffusion angle to suit the use of recording studios and home theaters.
  • Soundbox's Controlled Diffuse Combination is an innovative combination of diffusion and absorption that dissipates high-frequency vibrational echoes and controls, while playing an effective role in the utilization of primary reflective sound.
  • The Controllable Diffuse Combination covers a top-bottom height of 600×1200mm and is equipped with six variable directional diffusion slats that rotate at different angles to disperse high frequencies and create the required energy sprawl.
  • Behind the combination reflector, a high density strong sound absorption plate is provided to effectively absorb the resonant sound waves after 250Hz elimination of the directional reflector.
  • The perfect easy-to-install design uses standard household tools to render in less than 15 minutes.Microporous mesh sealing resin hardened edge, generous appearance is suitable for integration into most building space design.
  • Soundbox's "Controlled Diffuse Combination" hangs an array of three or more units in the listening position where the sense of space and air in the room is instantly rendered while absorbing powerful adverse reflections, standing waves and annoying vibrational echoes.
  • Meet the demanding HIFI viewing rooms, home theaters, small audio studios most concerned with getting the near-wall main reflection tuned appropriately.

Product model     :    AQ1000M

Colour   :

Weight     :    ≤16.2Kg/pc 

Specifications     :   H1200 * W600 * D200mm

    Environmental protectio   :   Comply with international requirements E0 standard

Size    :  

    Application     :   Meet the demanding HIFI viewing rooms, home theaters, small audio studios most concerned with near-wall 

                                  main reflections to get tuned appropriately 

    Sound absorption coefficient :