AQ Smart Module

Bach Acoustic Array


  • The AQ1000SW incorporates three sound optimization modes: high frequency diffusion in the first half of the pre-compound QRD, built-in Hemholtz resonator in the middle and labyrinthine low frequency traps in the lower half.
  • The comb filter and residual low frequency are common in rectangular space, and the conventional narrow frequency diffusion plate and low frequency trap are difficult to handle. Bach's innovative acoustic array design.

Product model     :    AQ1000SW

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Acoustic Finishing Cloth 268-12 

Structure     :   High density solid wood structure, composed of medium-high frequency diffusion, medium-low frequency absorption 

                          cavity three-stage structure.

    Environmental protectio   :    Comply with international requirements E0 standard

Weight    :   100kg 

    Specifications    :   H2350 * W600 * D450mm 

    Application   :   Suitable for medium and large space HIFI audio studio, recording studio, private theater, etc. 

    Sound absorption coefficient :