AQ Smart Module

Haydn Acoustic Array


  • Sound energy needs to be cherished and skillfully utilized, a single absorption is difficult to achieve a moderate spatial sound environment, but also consumes a lot of sound energy, meaningless waste of equipment sound power.
  • The AQ1000SL fully diffuses the powerful primary reflection sound, and the non-equivalent cavity wide frequency absorption surface responds to multiple reflections that are unfavorable to space.Active and convenient design that caters to your DIY creativity for space and sound.

Product model     :    AQ1000SL  

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Diffusion surface reference color strip / Acoustic cloth SF1200 

Structure     :   High-density solid wood structure, large version of QRD secondary residual diffusion surface, three-stage non-equivalent 

                          cavity wide frequency absorption surface, vibration-absorbing base. 

    Environmental protectio   :    Comply with international requirements E0 standard 

Weight    :   71kg 

    Specifications    :   H2400 * W600 * D150/800mm 

    Application   :   Suitable for medium and large space HIFI listening room, recording studio, private theater, etc.

    Sound absorption coefficient :