Acoustic cotton material

Bayer Acoustic Cotton 
BE20PP / BE500 / BE1000 

Environmental performance   :
Zero formaldehyde release, in line with the requirements of direct use in interior decoration. 

Key Features :
Byer Bayer Acoustic Cotton, the only acoustic product using PP melt spray cotton substrate.A medical grade luxury environmentally friendly acoustic product.Polypropylene PP is sprayed at approximately the speed of sound through the cavity slit in high pressure hot air. The melt is ejected from the spinning pores and drawn thin by the high speed airflow.Ultrafibers are superimposed by the thermal composite machine XY to form countless labyrinthine μm micron voids, along which sound waves can penetrate deep into the material, friction with the material to convert sound energy into thermal energy.The tiny, connected pores are advantageous structures for broadband absorption, even the thin thickness of the sound absorption index is equally outstanding. 

Scope of application  :
Byer Acoustic Cotton for use in any environmentally demanding space.No resin adhesive, including but not limited to home, kindergarten, hospital, office and other spaces sound absorption noise reduction. 

Color selection   :    White 

Density    :   BE20PP 300g/㎡
                      BE500 500g/㎡
                      BE1000  1000g/㎡ 

Specifications    :   BE20PP L500*W480*D20mm
                                 BE500 L500*W500*D20mm
                                 BE1000  L500*W500*D20mm 

    Packing size    :   510*510*310mm

   Sound absorption coefficient   :  

   Flame retardant performance

    Environmental performance   :