Acoustic cotton material

White Fiber Environmental Acoustic Cotton 
ME64-30T / ME48-50T

fire resistance   :
The fire test results meet the requirements of GB8624-2006 Class A

Key Features   :
Zero formaldehyde cotton meets international standards for E0 environmental protection.Fireproof, environmental protection, long fiber, no slag ball, not easy to produce dust, sound absorption effect is good

Scope of application :
acoustic cavity filling

Color selection   :    White 

Specifications    :   ME64-30T 1200*600*30mm
                                 ME48-50T 1200*600*50mm 

Density    :     ME64-30T 64kg/m³
                        ME48-50T 48kg/m³ 

Size of Leaflet   :    ME64-30T 0.72/㎡
                                 ME48-50T 0.72/㎡ 

    Packing Quantity & Packing Weight    :    ME64-30T 35pcs & 53.2kg
                                                                             ME48-50T   20pcs  &  42.3kg 

Sound absorption   :

White environmental protection acoustic cotton is a kind of elastic felt made of glass fiber with a diameter of only a few microns, with a large number of tiny pores, is a typical porous sound absorption material with good sound absorption characteristics.

   Sound absorption coefficient   :   

  Flame retardant performance   :