AQ Smart Module

Chopin Acoustic Barrier Board


  • Creating a neutral listening space is the goal of thinking about acoustic solutions.Residential rooms or commercial spaces are mostly rectangular parallel walls.This means that these spaces will suffer from powerful primary reflections, vibrational echoes, standing waves, and resonance.
  • The addition of the AQ1000S does not mean that the bedroom can be turned into a professional audio studio comparable to a million dollars.But what we can do is turn an unacceptable crowning room into a very practical neutral sound environment, which will help you gain an advantageous listening space or audio working conditions.

Product model     :    AQ1000S  

Colour   :

Finishing    :    Diffusion surface reference color strip / Acoustic cloth SF1200 

Structure     :    High density solid wood structure, QRD secondary residual diffusion surface, three-stage non-equivalent cavity wide frequency 

                           absorption surface, vibration-absorbing base.

    Environmental protectio   :    Comply with international requirements E0 standard

Weight    :   38kg 

   Specifications    :    H1600 * W600 * D150/350mm

   Selection   :   Optional movable roller accessories for base (surcharge)

Application   :   Apply to HIFI audio studio, recording studio, private theater and other small space to build QRD diffusion wall, corner standing 

                            wave, reverberation adjustment, sound surface reflection fixed point absorption or diffusion.

   Sound absorption coefficient :