DQ Convenient Combination

Angle Bit Low Frequency Trap

C300W/C350W DQ

Polymer polymer material has good low frequency absorption characteristics and greatly reduces product weight and overcomes traditional material defects.Adopting the intelligent open resonance box structure, the combination of 300/350 products effectively captures the low frequency when 100-250 Hz margin, easily solving most of the problems caused by excessive low frequency. 

Product model     :    C300W / C350W  


Finishing    :    E0 Environmental Protection Waterborne Particle Topcoat

Base material    :   Polymer Polymers

    Environmental protectio   :    Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards

Weight    :    C300W :≤2.8kg/piece
                      C350W :≤3.2kg/piece 

   Specifications    :    C300W: H1200*W300*D300mm
                                     C350W: H1200*W350*D350mm 

    Sound absorption coefficient :