DQ Convenient Combination

Full Frequency Diffuser Module

F300D DQ

Polymer polymer, combined with high strength inorganic layer, not only meets the requirements of design diffusion frequency for material surface density, but also greatly reduces product self-weight and overcomes traditional material defects. The QDR sequence has a significant diffusion effect and does not damage the natural reverberation, effectively improving the dryness of the small space, improving the richness and stereoscopic sound quality of the environment. 

Product model   :   F300D


Finishing     :    E0 Environmental Protection Waterborne Particle Topcoat

Base material    :    Polymer Polymers

    Environmental protectio    :    Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards 

Weight     :    ≤2.8kg/piece

   Specifications    :    H1200*W300*D100mm 

    Sound absorption coefficient :