EQ series sound absorption board

Pyramid Low Frequency Trap

EQ102A / EQ102B

  • Trapezoidal tetrahedral strong absorption device, asymmetric volume structure to make more advantageous wide-band absorption cavity, stable color columnar 360 degree absorption surface to capture the residual low-frequency waves like to gather in the corner.Similarly, Soundbox engineers have prepared an "A" with a built-in Helmholtz resonator to cater to your higher aspirations for spatial acoustics, and its presence better satisfies recorders and burners' control of low frequencies below 63Hz.Pyramid is not a lonely force, partner with EQ3 and other family tuning board, easy to achieve small space high-quality sound environment reorganization task.

Product model   :   EQ102A (with built-in Hermholtz resonator)
                                  EQ102B (without Hermholtz resonator) 

Colour   : 

Finishing    :   SF series, 14Series

Base material   :   Non-equivalent density environmentally friendly composite acoustic cotton

    Environmental protectio  :   Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards  

    Weight    :   EQ102A ≤15Kg   EQ102B≤15.3Kg 

   Specifications    :    H1500*W400*D250mm 

    Sound absorption coefficient :