EQ series sound absorption board

Little Brute Waist Low Frequency Trap

EQ101A / EQ101B

  • Conical octahedral absorption device, asymmetric volume structure to make more advantageous wide frequency absorption cavity, integrated into the environment of the columnar 360 degrees absorption surface to capture the residual low frequency waves.Of course, Soundbox engineers have also prepared an "A" model with a built-in Hermholtz resonator that consumes 63Hz, which is not loved by recorders and burners, even if these frequencies are not in the public eye.Small waist is not a lonely force, perfect partner EQ50R and other family tuning board, is a small space high quality sound environment construction tool.

Product model   :   EQ101A (with built-in Hermholtz resonator)
                                  EQ101B (without Hermholtz resonator)

Colour   : 

Finishing    :   SF series, 14Series

Base material   :   Non-equivalent density environmentally friendly composite acoustic cotton

    Environmental protectio  :   Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards  

    Weight    :   EQ101A ≤12.6Kg EQ101B ≤12.7Kg

   Specifications   :   H1500*W400*D250mm    

    Sound absorption coefficient   :