EQ series sound absorption board


EQ3.1 / EQ3.2 / EQ3.3 / EQ3.4

  • "Phantom" is a combination of rigorous acoustic technology and technological beauty
  • Highlighting the advantages of intermediate frequency absorption ability, is an effective tool to improve spatial language clarity
  • Unique rear microcavity design to create a low and medium frequency residual acoustic energy digestion structure
  • Streamlined steel structure, optional side luminescence background atmosphere light, so that acoustics does not lose aesthetics
  • Magic combination provides unlimited fantasy space, arbitrarily build absorption wall into the environment
  • Zero emission of pure natural materials, E0 environmental protection, safety and security
  • Suitable for office, conference, reception, leisure, audio-visual, recording and other spaces

Product model   :   EQ3.1 / EQ3.2 / EQ3.3 / EQ3.4  

Colour   : 

Finishing    :   14 series, SF series

Base material   :   Natural Environmental Fiber Composite Acoustic Cotton

    Environmental protectio  :   Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards

    Weight    :   EQ3.1≤3.4Kg, EQ3.2≤4.7Kg, EQ3.3≤5.9Kg, EQ3.4≤12Kg

   Specifications    :   Reference Standard Specifications  

   Standard Specifications    :  

   Installation plan   :  

   Sound absorption coefficient   :