EQ series sound absorption board


EQ2.1 / EQ2.2 / EQ2.3 / EQ2.4(Plus)

  • "Vision" unique space sandblasting metal texture, simple acoustic cloth surface process, the back of the non-equivalent blocking current absorption surface, not only efficient absorption of space direct sound, but also the advantages of low frequency standing wave;
  • "Phantom" four layers of non-equivalent density composite substrate, four layers of non-equivalent density composite natural acoustic material, to achieve wide frequency acoustic energy absorption structure;
  • "Phantasy" can be constructed flexibly to absorb wave wall, or plum-shaped distributed diffuse reflection matrix, is the perfect "companion" of hard space;
  • "Phantom" pure natural materials zero emission, E0 environmental protection, safety and security, suitable for office, commercial, conference, audio and video recording space;

Product model   :   EQ2.1 / EQ2.2 / EQ2.3 / EQ2.4(Plus)   

Colour   : 

Finishing    :   UA series, 14 series, SF series

Base material    :    Natural Environmental Fiber Composite Acoustic Cotton

    Environmental protectio  :    Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards

    Weight    :    ≤6.3 Kg/㎡

   Specifications    :   Reference standard specification (non-standard customized quantity ≥15㎡) 

   Standard Specifications   :  

   Installation plan :  

   Sound absorption coefficient :