EQ series sound absorption board

The Versailles 


  • It shows not only excellent acoustic characteristics, but also an organic combination of art and technology.
  • Easy integration into the environment for diverse spatial acoustic indicators
  • Easy to configure broadband absorption walls to control powerful primary reflections
  • Standard parts are easy to build diffuse reflective walls or combinations of 1:1 absorption and diffusion surfaces
  • A variety of standard specifications and sizes customized, suitable for unequal space establishment isoacoustic absorption
  • Suitable for church, auditorium, leisure, office, home, recording studio, private audio and video space

Product model   :   EQ50Q  

Colour   : 

Finishing    :   SF series, YC series 

Base material    :    Natural Environmental Fiber Composite Acoustic Cotton

    Environmental protectio   :   Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards 

    Weight    :    ≤5Kg/㎡ 

   Specifications    :   Reference standard specification (customization not accepted)

   Standard Specifications   :  

   Installation plan   :  

   Sound absorption coefficient   :