EQ series sound absorption board

The Rococo 


  • An easy-to-install acoustic processing solution that effectively controls the largest primary reflection in sound waves
  • High density natural microporous fiber eco-friendly acoustic cotton, service acoustic index composite internal structure
  • The combined broadband tuning board has a huge absorption surface area.It effectively improves reverberation and echo superposition at large sound pressure levels
  • Various combination installation method perfectly covers the sound reflection wall, absorbs a lot of reflected sound waves, and restores the natural atmosphere of the hall.Especially suitable for wide-band attenuated reverberation large space sound environment modification

Product model   :   EQ50R 

Colour   :  

Finishing    :   SF series, UA series, YC series 

Base material   :   Natural Environmental Fiber Composite Acoustic Cotton

    Environmental protectio  :   Zero emissions in line with international E0 environmental standards 

    Weight   :    ≤5Kg/㎡ 

   Specifications   :   Reference Specification (Non-standard customized quantity ≥10㎡)

   Standard Specifications   :  

   Installation plan :  

   Sound absorption coefficient :