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EPDM damping base material is used for OFF damping and sound insulation pad, which has the advantages of high resilience, damping and adhesion, and produces excellent acoustic energy and vibration wave transmission loss.

The full paving application design not only effectively increases the anti-vibration frequency width, but also forms an air sound insulation layer of up to 20dB on the structural surface to fully play its own material characteristics.

The closed-hole characteristics make it non-absorbent and thus reduce the possibility of corrosion protection, which is especially suitable for use in wet and humid areas.Excellent weather resistance, not due to ultraviolet rays, ozone, acid rain powdering, softening or hardening.Long service life; anti-molding, resistant to bacterial growth, no harmful gas emissions green environmental protection.

Product model   :   G25DX 

Weight   :   5.5kg/block 

Standard Specifications   :  500mm x 500mm x 25mm 

Center load  :  500kg/piece

    Packing weight  :  22.75kg 


   Product parameters

  Scope of application  :  

  • It is used in residential, hotel, computer room, private cinema, HIFI audio room, recording room, KTV nightclub to construct floating floor, forming an impact sound interception layer between the ground and the infrastructure layer.Cutting off the transmission of sound energy and vibration waves to the infrastructure significantly increases the sound insulation and vibration loss of the floor.

   Product Features :

  • Modular and easy to install design; 25mm thickness to enhance broadband absorption.Excellent support and buffer applications, it has been developed to meet the noise reduction needs of multi-storey buildings, commercial homes