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Polymer Damping Brick


OFF floor damping brick is molded by EPDM base material for 12 hours 120T.EPDM has strong memory, aging resistance, difficult to burn, environmental protection, moisture and mold resistance and other material characteristics.

The effective wide load capacity meets the load gap of different unit area, and the negative pressure absorption mesh of brick ensures the structural balance and vibration isolation after the load.The vibrational energy after several tons of load can still absorb shear.

Product model   :   G25D / G50D

Weight   :   0.2kg/block 

Standard Specifications   :  150mm x 150mm x 25mm 

Center load  :  200kg/block 

    Packing weight  :  20.4kg 


    Mechanical analysis chart   :  

   Product parameters

  Scope of application  :  

  • Suitable for disco bars, nightclubs.Equipment room floating partition wall, floating floor construction

   Product Features   :  

  • Point-distributed floating floor structure, the advantage of microstroke effectively absorbs and bounces vibration waves from the irradiated surface, thus isolating low frequency vibration and impact sound.
  • Impact sound improvement is 15dB, and damping characteristics effectively cut off the propagation of sound bridge. It is an ideal floating substrate for the contact point between vibrating radiation platform and foundation floor.