Soundproof board


Carbon plastic sound insulation board

"Carbon Plastic Acoustic Panel" is the world's first painting-free, zero-emission, antibacterial, anti-corrosion, waterproof, flame-resistant sound absorption/insulation panel

Carbon material is 2.5 times more rigid than iron, weighs only 15% of iron, and has excellent water resistance, acid resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance, and flame resistance. The disadvantage is that the formability of carbon as a single material is poor.

The carbon-plastic composite material synthesized and modified with plastic maintains most of the advantages and properties of carbon while solving the shortcomings of insufficient carbon molding. After the composite material, the damping coefficient is increased by 0.85, and the sound insulation center frequency is reduced from 450Hz to 120Hz. Carbon plastic The material has advantageous acoustic properties.

Glue-free heat-laminated antibacterial and wear-resistant PP veneer fundamentally solves the hidden danger of thermal expansion and cold contraction veneer delamination, ensuring the advantage of zero-emission materials. Its good antibacterial, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly properties are suitable for medical and health applications. Contour clean environment.

Scope of application   :

  • With superior environmental protection properties and antibacterial finishes, it can be installed and used immediately. It is an advantageous choice for sound insulation renovation of small spaces such as residences, hotel rooms, private cinemas, HIFI listening rooms and piano rooms.

Selection of color   :   

Standard sizes   :   G12: H3000mm x W150mm x D12mm

                                G15: H3000mm x W150mm x D15mm

Single piece area   :   0.45m²

Single piece weight   :   6.3kg

Product Details   :   

Air sound insulation   :   

Installation Notes   :  

Product Features   :  

  • It adopts 12mm ultra-thin and 150mm small-width plate design, which cleverly avoids large-scale thin plate resonance. The airtight tooth-jointed seamless process ensures no sound leakage between each small panel and an overall beautiful appearance. The hollow structure inside the panel realizes an invisible air layer. When the sound insulation panel starts to vibrate under the impact of sound waves, the mechanical energy of the sound waves is effectively converted into heat energy and dissipated through the high damping effect of the panel and the air constraint layer, thus significantly improving Sound insulation effect of acoustic panels.