Soundproof felt

DampedSound Insulation Felt

Instantly change the resonance effect in your space.

The F100B Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Felt is equipped with standout damping properties that can change the resonance effect in your space to improve its sound insulation capabilities.


Easily suits different kinds of areas.

Ideal for use at hotels, clubs, or recording studios, it can suit a wide variety of spaces that require superb damping and sound insulation. You can apply it directly to the floor to effectively increase the slab impact sound as well as the airborne sound insulation effect. With its high-performance quality, you’ll no doubt be better able to suppress sound with this product.

Model   :   F100B 

Surface density   :   1.90kg

Weight of single piece   :   1.51kg

Specification   :    610mm x 610mm x 2.0mm

Area of single piece   :   0.3721m²

    Quantity per packing   :   20pcs/pack (7.442m2/pack)

     Product details   :

Interface method   :

    Water pipe application    :   

Product Description   :

Adhesive Isofelt Metal damping felt is refined by taking the steady Asphalt molecules as the base materials and adding the heavy mineral powder and other sound absorbing particles. The obvious damping property can immediately change the resonance effect of the base materials to generate excellent wideband damping and sound insulation properties.

Resonance depends on the rigidity and thickness of the material and occurs on the point where the sound transmitted through the structure is matched with the natural frequency of sheet. The rigid light board type structures (such as gypsum boards, veneer boards, drywalls and hollow walls) generally generate the passive resonance, and the noise is propagated by the material properties and structures.

Applicable   :

Applied to the floor mat to effectively increase the slab impact sound and airborne sound insulation effect.

Applied to the pipe package to improve the sound insulation and nose reduction properties of PVC pipe wall.

Applied to the metal vibration damping and material sound reduction index increase of the sound insulation cover, engineering machinery, vehicle carriage, ship compartment And engine compartment.

Product properties   :

Surfacing with 100μm soft aluminum , this product is only with thickness of 2mm, but density is up to 4.2kg/m². Sound insulation of composite materials with different property meets the mass law.

Sound induction index is improved by more than 270% when it is composited with damping layer, changing vibration frequency to consume sound energy that caused.

Product is ultra flexible integrated material adapting to any solid base material and not limited by shape, structure and space.

The ultra-strong self-adhesive is arranged to be fully fused into the surfaces of the base material. The product is convenient and easy to construct and can be cut with the wallpaper cutter, the scissors and other tools.

The building sound insulation material is locked with the rear cover faceplate adhered to the base material, and the mechanical equipment can be permanently fixed with the clamping nails by matching with the sheet metal structure.

The Product performs well in flame resistance, temperature resistance, elasticity and tensile strength also has no manufacturing emission, no waste pollution. Moreover, it can be recycled for many time.