Soundproof felt

Polymer soundproof felt


IIR polymer acoustic insulation felt is a high performance, high quality polymer metal acoustic insulation felt with excellent transmission loss.Adopt new environmental protection raw materials, halogen-free renewable polymers as raw materials, green environmental protection, free of formaldehyde, benzene, asbestos and radioactive substances and other harmful components.It does not contain ozone-depleting substances and fully complies with international volatile organic matter emission standards.

 Product description   : 

IIR polymer acoustic insulation felt has no material resonance frequency.Thin, high-quality materials bonded to mechanical equipment housing and engine hood provide significant noise control and vibration absorption data.Its development meets the active sound insulation requirements of industrial equipment and traffic equipment, as well as the passive sound insulation requirements of wind noise and vibration.

Polymer sound insulation felt makes full use of the quality law of building acoustic materials, damping principle energy-efficient absorption partition through walls, ceilings and floor structures of noise transmission.Strong damping and surface density can greatly improve the sound insulation of raw materials.Compound with gypsum board, wood splint and other materials surface, improve the original material structure up to 10-15dB sound insulation (refer to the laboratory test report).

   Standard sizes   :  

   F10 – 12000mm (L) x 610mm (W) x 1.0mm (T)
   F15 – 9000mm (L) x 610mm (W) x 1.5mm (T)
   F20 – 6000mm (L) x 610mm (W) x 2.0mm (T )
   F30 – 4000mm (L) x 610mm (W) x 3.0mm (T)

Unit weight   :

F10 – 2.4kg/m² (18kg/roll) Single roll area 7.32/㎡
F15 – 2.4kg/m² (20kg/roll) Single roll area 5.49/㎡
F20 – 4.8kg/m² (18kg/roll) Single roll area 3.66/ ㎡
F30 – 7.2kg/m² (19kg/roll) Single roll area 2.44/㎡

Product Features   :


Polymer sound insulating felt has good fire resistance, temperature difference, elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength.Can be cut with wallpaper knives, scissors and other tools, building sound insulation fixed using code nails or glue, mechanical equipment arrangement can be used with sheet metal structure using nails or glue.Convenient and easy construction, regardless of shape, structure, and space constraints of fusion materials.

Scope of application   : 

  • Ship engine room and passenger compartment to reduce power, water impact, wind resistance noise emissions and propagation.
  • Rail train metal car floor and car body bedding, effectively isolating brake friction rail noise and metal car body vibration sound transmission.
  • The aircraft is operated in the warehouse body, which significantly controls the intrusion of wind resistance noise into the warehouse body.
  • The application of tanks, automobile engines and cabs reduces engine noise emission and road noise structure transmission.
  • Ideal for structural sound insulation enhancement of cavity lightweight compartments, ceilings and floors in residential, hotel, clubhouse, conference room, office partition and confidential areas.
  • Bar, entertainment bar, nightclub, KTV room, recording room and other composite active sound insulation, high-performance composite structure sound insulation material selection.
  • The composite glottis, laminated lightweight structure suppresses the resonant frequency of the material of the door page itself, and the thickness and quality of the door page do not increase significantly, and the transmission loss can be effectively increased.
  • Water supply and drainage pipe wrapping, improve PVC pipe wall sound insulation and noise reduction performance.
  • The sound barrier base layer is soft compounded to effectively block the cavity in the barrier to eliminate the incomplete sound propagation.

Product Features   :

  • Ozone-free substances – reduce emissions during production
  • Lead-free, odor-producing oil contamination
  • Easy to shear, glue, crack, nail or mechanically compound
  • Combustion safety, self-extinguishing after removing flame, no drip
  • Resistance to Water, Oil and Severe Weather Conditions
  • Adaptability, high tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Integrity that can be combined with irregular shapes
  • Can be laminated with different materials such as sheet, metal, fiber or polyester

   Construction method    :   

Sound insulation data graph

Comparison of similar products

Common rubber soundproof felt

OFFpolymer soundproof felt 

F10 / F20 / F30

Waste rubber is generally used as raw material for production, and the environmental protection and strength of the material are very low, the odor emission of chemical adhesives is serious, and the indoor air pollution is large.Moreover, the material surface density is low, so that the sound insulation effect is difficult to achieve.
Adopt new environmentally friendly raw materials, do not contain any harmful chemical adhesives, physically compressed synthetic form.Up to 2.4Kg surface density effectively blocks 125-20KHz frequency activities, with the cavity structure immediately improve the low frequency sound insulation.
Construction method
Affected by the material and production process, it is easy to break and crack during installation. The material can be folded, bent, cut, and glued, gun nail and other ways to install and fix.
Sound insulation
Poor sound insulation by increasing the thickness of the material or by combining other materials
Excellent, high specific gravity, surface density is the largest in similar products;
Only 1.0mm thick sheet sound insulation up to 20dB, 2.0mm thick up to 25dB.
Fire performanceDoes not have flame retardant properties
Flame retardant. Not affected by the environment of use, moistureproof, heat insulation, can be applied in all fields.
Environmental protection and safetyPossible toxic contamination of the human body and the environment
Safe and non-toxic 
Air sound insulation indexLow air sound insulation
High air sound insulation